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Master Of Ceremonies

Emma Lancaster is an exceptional and accomplished Master of Ceremonies, who brings an engaging, professional, and refined touch to corporate and social events alike. Emma’s hosting journey commenced at a young age, gracing children's game shows and captivating audiences both in Australia and overseas.


With an innate ease in front of any microphone, Emma's quick wit and unwavering enthusiasm ensure she stands out as an indelible MC. Her ability to strike the perfect balance between lightheartedness and formality adds an exceptional dimension to every event she hosts, captivating the audience throughout.


Emma boasts an impressive portfolio of successful event hosting in South East Queensland, encompassing prestigious gatherings such as charity lunches, conferences, award presentations, and gala dinners. Notably, she holds the esteemed position of resident host/MC for prominent events like the Pan Pacific Games, Varsity Winterfest, Currumbin RSL Anzac Day Celebrations, and various Race Day celebrations along the illustrious Gold Coast.


At the heart of Emma's success lies her charismatic persona, which, coupled with her adept interaction with clients and guests, renders her an invaluable asset to any occasion. When you entrust Emma Lancaster with your event, you can rest assured that she will deliver an exceptional and cherished experience, leaving a lasting impression on all in attendance.


"Wow- is there anything this girl cant do?

Emma and I have been working together on numerous charity related events over the past 9 years. Her natural ability to light up a room is what makes her my go to girl for all things hosting and performing.

As every event coordinator knows you have a million things to do leading up to and on the day of an event which can be very stressful but with Emma by my side I am 100% confident that my guests will be happy, entertained and wanting more every time, i have honestly scheduled events around her availability just for the peace of mind that everything will run smoothly with her on mic."

Ashe Clayton-Hornsby

Director - The Coach Conection

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