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Meet Emma Lancaster, a seasoned professional entertainer with an impressive career spanning across two decades. Her journey in the world of entertainment began at the tender age of 3, and, since then, she has continuously honed her skills, evolving into a versatile and adaptable performer who can cater to any event and audience.


Emma's passion and versatility has led her to explore various avenues within the entertaining arts industry, including solo vocalist, DJ, Master of Ceremonies, as well as fronting her band, Luminosity, which ranges from a duo to a magnificent 9-piece big band. With an array of musical line-ups at her disposal, Emma has the perfect fit for every occasion.


Her training and experience are truly remarkable, having undergone 14 years of Jazz, Ballet, and Tap dancing lessons, classical vocal training and exams, and an additional 8 years of vocal coaching from the esteemed Venetta Fields. Alongside this, she has also graced the stage in numerous musical theatre performances, providing her with a stage presence and artistry that places her at the top of her industry.


At the age of 18, Emma secured an opportunity as lead back-up vocalist for Vanessa Amorosi, touring with her for three years before joining the acclaimed 9-piece big band, the "Oz Hornz," as lead singer.


In 2007, Emma decided to carve her own path in the corporate entertainment scene and formed the all-girl showband, MDevine, which enjoyed immense success. Alongside MDevine, she created the spin-off group Project Blonde, showcasing her versatility and innovation. However, the global financial crisis (GFC) struck Australia, causing a downturn in the corporate entertainment industry. In the face of adversity, Emma showed her resilience and adaptability, venturing into DJing and quickly establishing herself as one of Queensland's leading corporate DJs over the last decade.


Throughout her illustrious career, Emma has embarked on an exciting and diverse journey, taking her talents to various corners of the globe. From enchanting audiences in a piano bar in Japan and hosting a Nickelodeon show during a tour in the Philippines, to captivating visitors at Warner Brothers Movie World as the beloved Marilyn Monroe, Emma has proven her ability to shine in all sorts of unique and unforgettable experiences.


Today, Emma continues to captivate audiences with her mesmerizing performances as a solo vocalist and DJ. She is also part of the powerhouse female duo, The Hymack Girls, and continues to lead her band, Luminosity. Recognized for her exceptional talents, Emma is one of the sought-after resident entertainers for High Rollers at The Treasury and Star Casinos.


With over two decades of experience and a vibrant array of talents, Emma Lancaster stands as a true maestro in the world of entertainment, leaving an indelible mark on every stage she graces.

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